Thiago Thomaz (Owner)

Thiago Thomaz is the owner and primary instructor of House of Arts Martial Arts Academy. Thiago has been practicing Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years. His journey began as a young man in his hometown of Fortaleza, Brazil. Coming to the United States in 2001, he trained under Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, before rejoining his childhood friend and mentor, 2018 IBJJF Masters World Champion, Professor Daniel Tavares as a member of SAS Team.

As a brown belt under Tavares, he ranked as the number 3 IBJJF competitor in the world and was a Fight to Win Pro-Title contender. In 2019, Thomaz won 1st place in the Pan-American Championship in Irvine California, where he was promoted on the winner’s podium to black belt by Professor Tavares.

Thomaz is a diligent competitor and a dedicated instructor. He truly believes that passing his knowledge of the art is essential to his continued success. In 2017, he founded “House of Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy” (HOA), where he remains the primary instructor and head of this SAS affiliated academy. Thomaz’s style is extremely competitive, incredibly patient, and builds off of a solid understanding of technique and position, truly utilizing the foundation that Jiu Jitsu is a “gentle art.” 

Thiago also credits his success to the support system he has helped create at House of Arts. He treats his students as family, showing support on and off the mats. His students love that he genuinely cares and has established a loyal following of hard-working Jiu Jitsu practitioners of all levels. 

“Our lives aren’t defined by who we have beaten or defeat or amount titles we won. Our legacy lives in those lives we change.” – Thiago Thomaz


Daniel Tavares

Professor Daniel Tavares is a 3rd degree black belt. As a world-class professional athlete with numerous victories (in both BJJ and MMA) and an IBJJF official, he's dedicated his life to teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and helping others. He is Thiago's professor, mentor, and life-long friend. Both Daniel and Thiago are originally from Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil where the SAS team was founded and headquarters currently reside.


Lou Fattizzo

Sensai Lou Fattizzo is a black belt in Judo with 10+ years experience from the Aldan Judo School. He is a certified Judo instructor and U.S. Judo Association Member. Sensai Lou and his Judo experience is a great addition to our student's jiu jitsu education and allows them to be a more well-rounded athlete and competitor.


Vinny Oristaglio

Coach Vinny is a fierce MMA competitor and champion with a 7-1 record.  He has over 15 years of experience in wrestling as well as experience in Muay Thai and BJJ, making him a great MMA coach for all students interested in becoming a well-rounded fighter.